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invictvm asked:

Write 10 facts about yourself then pass this along to 10 of your favorite followers

This is the first time I’ve received this. Well..

I love visiting Boston whenever I can, kind of sick of New York. I was actually born in New York City, and lived their for most of my childhood. I am a ice cream monster, I can eat a jug a day. I love to swim alone at lap pools, since people distract me. My only best friend is Caitlin, and she left me for London. :( I like to sculpt on my free-time with clays and spin ceramics. Also for some reason, I like to leave a few chips in a bag and seal it up. I don’t like mushrooms at all. I’ve always wanted a cat or a pet for that matter. Finally, I always fall asleep with music. 

Yeah that’s it.. :)